About Us

This research cluster will establish a much-needed venue for collaboration and innovation among UC Davis faculty and graduate students who conduct research in Africa.  We will build partnerships for future investigation in the geographic and thematic study of Africa.  Some regional questions addressed by the cluster might be: What are the postcolonial politics of race and ethnicity influencing the process of nation building and rebuilding in West and Central Africa?  How do Kenyan and Tanzanian notions of development shape the kinds of oral histories we can conduct there?  In what ways have lucrative industries in Southern Africa benefited or overshadowed social, cultural, and economic changes in neighboring countries?  Other interdisciplinary questions that could also be addressed in the workshops include: How does learning about environmental challenges force the historian or anthropologist to reframe his/her research scope?  How does knowledge about colonial and postcolonial history and culture inform contemporary research on plants and animals?  These and other questions to be addressed in the workshop will bridge the epistemological and methodological divides that often block collaboration across the humanities, social sciences, and biological and agricultural sciences.